Troy has officially gone NUTS!

(watch this 2 minute video to see why)


Now Is The Perfect Time To Capture More Business And Thrive... While Your Competitors Shrivel Up And Blow Away

A Simple And Inexpensive Way

To Grow Your Business Quickly In the Coming Year


Dear Friend,

Sick of all the bull*&$# out there in the media?  One day we are in a depression.  The next day, we are well on our way to a recovery. On the next channel, they talk about all the layoffs and bankruptcies that surround us.

Do you see what’s missing in the media?


They HATE talking about the entrepreneurs and small business owners

 who are THRIVING in the “worst economic crisis in history”.


That doesn’t sell papers...

only the negative crap does.


Growing businesses are everywhere right now.

They are raking in the profits by the truckload.

They are capturing the lion share of their industry.


Recent Comments From Graduates

of Past Programs

"Awesome strategies and tools that can be implemented right now. Overall, the most useful and practical workshop I've ever been to!"

Erin Johnson

"A great handout package and resources kit. Lots of unique and inspiring marketing techniques. You always deliver more than you promise!

Thanks Troy."

Kim Palmer


"Huge volume of useful material. Great value Troy!"

Ann Stewart

"Creating my headlines during the writing exercise generated a sales on the spot! COOL."

Laura Danesak

"Information is very useful and simple to implement!

Candi McKee

Incredible amount of useful information.

Excellent workshop."

Gayle Laird

"Tons of information

and well worth it"

Noortje Vanderelst

"Lots of great ideas, useful information and

techniques to put into action right away."

Greg Elliot

They are blazing new trails where none existed before  (Like a client of mine in a high end furniture business.  They opened their doors a few weeks ago using the campaign I prepared for them.  They had over 1,000 people visit them during their grand opening day , many buying.  The most common comment the owner heard that day?  “How have you done all this with a recession on?”.  Now THAT is the kind of impression you want to make with your potential customers... show them you are immune to a recession... for a GOOD reason!)

Are YOU making more money this year than last?

If not, it is the perfect time to rethink how you are growing your business.  Try new things.  Get the inside scoop on what IS working in the new economy... and what old techniques are bombing.

Last Wednesday, I had 4 different people approach me with a request.  Each of them considered hiring me to help them with their copywriting and marketing campaigns... but couldn’t or wouldn’t pay my rates.  I never claimed to be a cheap writer... just an effective one, which comes with an investment.

So they all asked... “what else do you offer that could help me out?”

And when 4 separate people all ask the same question on the same day... I listen!

And they finally got me to announce something I have been wanting to do for some time now...

The Sales Letter Success Webinar Program

Because no matter what state your business is in now, we ARE faced with a new way of thinking, of doing business, and of connecting with others.

People are looking at their spending habits differently. 

They are, rightfully so, much more skeptical of businesses now than ever before (after all, it is the tax payers footing the bill for all the morons getting these billion dollar bailouts... and no accountability for when or where they spend the money)

And they WANT MORE from you.

If you want their business, you had better be catering to their new way of thinking and spending.

Which is exactly what we will be going through

 during this 6 week webinar based program.

Each week, for 6 weeks, you log in through your computer to a special page where we work together on creating winning marketing campaigns.

If you haven't been on a webinar before, you are in for a treat!

Not only can we talk back and forth, but you will also be able to see on your screen the actual copy I am helping create.

You will see how I write the headlines, the bullet points, and the offer... then you discover the simple formula that helps you do the exact same thing for your business... any time you want.

Just a small sample of the skills you learn…

  • Creating headlines that make money! In fact, the headline is 90% of the success in your marketing - yet 90% of businesses don't use them. See why so many people have poor results with their marketing?  Learn how to do it RIGHT and your profits are guaranteed to improve.

  • Print ads that make more money per square inch than Donald Trump could ever dream of (imagine a small 2” x 2” ad that makes you thousands of dollars every week).

  • Simple, inexpensive, mail campaigns that can make you some serious coin.  One art framing business turned a $100 investment into $2000 in 5 business days. AND, every time they run the same promotion - they earn another $2,000.

  • Web pages that actually work!  You are not in business to strictly entertain (you are in business to entertain for a profit – without profits you are out of business).  Less than 5% of the millions of web pages use effective copy to their advantage – those that do make obscene amounts of money from single page websites and promotions.

  • Direct mail follow up systems that help you build stronger relationships with your customers, and have them waiting with anticipation for your next marketing promotion.  If done properly, you can mail your clients every week and they eagerly await what you are going to send them! How's that for a change?

  • The surprising "little-known" skill you need to develop before you can write profitable copy – no one else is teaching this.

  • How to access the emotional keys that practically guarantee a sale.  You are full of emotion and your prospects are too – find the right emotion with the right appeal and they will literally be begging you to take their order and money

  • Foolproof tips on grabbing a prospect's full attention, without which no one will read your copy.  Your prospects are busy, distracted people.  Get their attention in 7 seconds or less – or they are gone.  You will learn exactly how to literally FORCE them to read your every word… and whip out their credit card in a frenzy after they are done 

  • Four ways to improve every sentence for maximum sales impact. Tight, compelling copy will keep them reading – discover how to edit and tighten like a pro – and ensure that they read your story end to end

  • How to add features to your headlines that almost compel your customer to read the rest of the copy.  With headlines being THE MOST important component of your copy - find out what is working today to pull in response rates 3 - 6 times higher than most professionally written copy

  • Discover what the phrase "salesmanship in print" really means.  This phrase has been used to describe exactly what copywriting is for 100 years now.  Why is it important?  And what is the real 'hidden' meaning behind the phrase?

  • How to get the envelope opened when you send a sales letter. You cannot succeed without this technique.  And it is easy to get confused on how to write copy for an envelope, or not write copy for an envelope.  The numbers are in – discover which wins

  • How to prepare that all-important first sentence of any piece of copy. This gets your prospect to continue reading.  It is like a magnet that pulls their eyeballs to follow the flow of the copy.  How to write that first sentence is something rarely talked about - yet next to the headline it can be the most important grabber in your entire marketing piece

  • Proven tips which keep your prospect reading continuously throughout the copy.  When you prepare copy the right way - people will read every SINGLE word you write.  One of my mentors most successful letters is a 52 page "special report" that goes out - and pulls in an incredibly large dollar amount for his client every year

  • How to identify the features and benefits of your product or service.  Both are important but how you convey them to your prospects is critical.  A simple 3 step system you can use to find the real benefits of your product and put them in words that ignites your prospects interest level to boiling point

  • Secrets which help you dramatize the benefits of your product. Benefits, not features, are the real sales hot buttons

  • What simple thing you can do when the copy is not profitable that can often turn a loser into a winner.  Most of us realize it is not even feasible to be perfect all of the time and at times, your promotions aren't working.  Learn what to do, how to do it and how to turn a losing promotion into a MONEY MAKING superstar

  • How to write a P.S. that can double your response.  Right after the headline, most people go right to the end to see the signature and the PS.  If you have a killer PS, at time, you can close the deal that quickly (I have done it).  They don't even read the copy - just the headline and the PS - then they order.  Find out how to make your PS as powerful as your headline

  • 5 tips on how to make your copy inviting and easy to read. This alone will enormously multiply your selling power.  Once they start reading your letters or promotions - you MUST make sure they there is nothing holding them back from reading the entire thing... stopping only to order

  • Scientifically tested tips on getting your prospect to order now. Delay is death in the marketing world.  Listen in on the secrets of creating one letter (that took Ted 4 hours to write), that FORCED the company to hire 7 people just to open the checks!  That company only was looking to make $200k from that promotion - they ended up making somewhere in the vicinity of $8 Million dollars - from a letter written in an afternoon

  • Discover the lost art of creating offers which cause your product to sell like hotcakes. People are inundated with advertising - last I heard 3,000 per day the average person sees.  When you learn this technique yours may be THE ONLY ONE they read that day

  • How to create subheads which are so mesmerizing your prospects with short attention spans can read just them, and not all the copy, and still get enough benefits to order

“Good writers know they are the prettiest girl on the block and its prom night”

I believe  I heard this from John Carlton first.  And it sums up exactly why YOU need to become a better writer.

It puts you in a position of power.

It eliminates your competition.  No longer will price be the deciding factor.

It improves your cash flow.

It is a skill you can take with you anywhere you live, and make money in any business you run.

It gives you a release for all those ideas that are spinning through that ADD head of yours (ADMIT IT: if you are an entrepreneur like I am, you have wayyyyy too many ideas spinning around in there and you need to find ways to let them out... before your head explodes!)

It adds a new income stream to your business.  As soon as people start seeing what you’re doing, they will want you to do it for them... and will be willing to pay you for it.  There is no better feeling than taking an ad you wrote, and licensing it to someone else in a non-competitive market.  No extra work involved... moola in your pockets.  I have done this many times before, and I will show you how to do the same)

9-1-1 Help.  Whenever you find yourself in a financial bind, this is the one single skill that can get you out of the situation quickly.  I can’t recall who it was (a famous musician and songwriter) that said “Anytime I need to, I can write myself a new swimming pool!”.  As Dan Kennedy likes to say, “whenever I have something I want to buy, I put together a letter and have my ‘herd’ (your customers) pay for it”.

THAT is power. 

What things do you want to do this coming year that you need money for? 

Time on the beach this summer? 

A new car? 

Get rid of some of that debt? 

Want to buy some of that real estate that is at rock bottom prices?

Maybe send your kids to that private school?

Or maybe you want to invest in yourself and take some extra training or classes?

Maybe it's time to expand your business, buy new computer systems, or even hire a new employee to help you with your thriving business?

Whatever it is, your ability to write

gives you the power to “write yourself

 anything you want to buy”.


How to get started now...

For only $197, you get the knowledge and basic skills to write winning promotions that can give you this and more.

Each week, starting May 7th, you get over 60 minutes per week of hard core marketing skills that will grow your business.  Each week we will go deeper into the single skill that can grow any business, anywhere in the world, with just a computer at your side. 

The ability to write promotions that make money will be one of the most powerful skills you ever develop... guaranteed.


"I feel equipped to beginning some major marketing for my business and am so blessed to have you as a mentor! Thank you for sharing your expertise."
Monica Prochnau


"I loved the small group environment - combined with your knowledge and enthusiasm.
Mitzy Molberg


"Loved the workshop format, working with and coming up with ideas for other industries as well. Should be even one day longer"

Kelly Kramer


"I loved it all! But need more.
The opportunity to become aware quickly and credibly about successful marketing is the biggest thing I gained over the 2 days."

Larry Wayne


"The best things about the workshop are the examples of other successful ads, how to relate them to my business and how practical the information is.
Loved the brainstorming of headlines for each business."

Steve Hashman



"Just enough information.  Great for networking with other like minded entrepreneurs as well." 

Arlene Cadger




"Writing ads and working on them together as a group gives incredibly valuable feedback."

Wayne Galbraith


"Great personal touch. A genuine event that is designed to help.  Seems like a bargain for all that I got out of it!Curtis Desaulniers.

"Loved your creativity, experience and dedicated support for us in the clinic.  I really get your commitment to small entrepreneurs... The best things for me – “wanted” ad idea, the 3x5 cards and uses (how to shuffle them), the “warming up” idea, joint venture ideas. " - Christina Poniecki


Each week you will join me through the special web browser I send you and we will start developing your skill to craft money making sales letters.


May 7 -  Module #1

May 14 - Module #2

May 21 - Module #3

May 28 - Module #4

(June 4th will be the only variation in our schedule,

I am co-hosting a live event in Calgary then)

June 11 - Module #5

June 18 - Module #6

TIME:  11:00 PST, 12:00 MST, 1:00 CST, 2:00 EST



Honestly, I charge $7,500 minimum to write a sales campaign for you.  I am booked solid for 6 months in advance, and only work with companies who are interested in sharing in the profits I help generate.


So why am I doing this?


Mainly because I've been neglecting those who are asking for this.  4 people last week asked for it, and I have had a lot of requests to do a training series like this for years. 


Rather than charging what I should be charging (similar information usually sells for $797+)... I thought I would offer it to the first 40 people who sign up, at this special price. The sessions WILL be recorded in case you miss one or two.  And, I will be selling the recordings at a later date for a much higher price point. 


You get in at half the regular price, and I will be coaching you to success... I want to earn your testimonial and case study!


Your  Sales Letter Success Webinar Bundle includes:

-- 6 weeks of 60-90 minute sessions delivered to you through live, interactive webinar technology. You will visit a specific website I send you, and we can collaboratively work on copy together, you can watch and listen as I do copy makeovers, and you quickly get the skills needed to write winning promotions

- Mothers Day Promotion written with you during the sessions so you have a promotion to run and gain an immediate return on your investment.
 The mothers day promotion we will craft together will more than pay for your investment in this program... and it will get you in front of your clients on a regular basis (we will have 3 parts to the Mother Day promotion, that are sent out a few days apart).  NOTE: Module #1 on May 7th will have you and I working on the promotion to be sent out to your list right after the class.

- The complete Sales Letter Success templates and recordings, delivered to you weekly during the program. 
If you have to miss a class... no problem.  You get access to all the materials, workbooks and recordings delivered to you immediately after the live class ends.

- Headline and bullet swipe files for all your future promotional needs.
The swipe file will quickly become your new best friend!  This is the secret weapon behind many of the top promotions you see online and offline. It gives you hundreds of ideas for offers, headlines, bullets, and emotional hot buttons. 

- Hot rolodex of tools and resources for growing your business and improving your cash flow

- Bonus: Small Display Ads template lead generation program
to get you more prospects to use your new skills with

- Bonus: Turning Your Words Into Wealth Manual
– the same material that was mentioned on for exceptional “contrarian” marketing techniques

- Bonus: Recordings of Sales Letter Success Home Study course.
 I used to offer a full day Sales Letter Training program, and you will get the recordings and transcripts of the past class as well.  This sells online right now for $197... you get it free.

 Plus, you get a large number of helpful workbooks, tip sheets, and reference guides to help you along.


“…1175 orders in about 48hrs!”

I must say that the Results that we have seen from Troy's copywriting skills have been amazing. I did a test run to one of our lists and the numbers were quite impressive, although it was done during a holiday weekend. See for yourself!

We had over 1175 orders in about 48hrs. The most exciting part is that the orders kept coming and coming with no further effort from me.

Troy has assisted us in building our list and making consistent sales.

The investment in his services has been well worth it and we can see how the profits will continue to come in. I would highly recommend Troy's services.

Dr. Charlie Drake, President of BraveHeart Productions

While I'm tough on writers, Troy is one of the best young copywriters in North America today. I can recommend his services without hesitation"

Sincerely, Ted Nicholas, The King of Print Advertising

Your last piece created over $47,857 in revenues for us, within the first 48 hours... not only that... it all happened during the weekend which is absolutely the worst time to launch a new web campaign like this.

Joel Christopher, Best Selling Author

 "I would recommend Troy highly if you want significant returns in a very short period of time.”

Scott Martineau, Co-Founder and CEO,, #1 Best Selling Author, "The Power of YOU!

[55,000 books sold in 3 mths]

Only 40 people will be accepted into this program at this time.  I want to keep it as small as feasible to make sure you get as much help as I can provide.


Sign up now before registration closes!


I hope to see you signed up, and I look forward to helping you make a lot more money in the coming months.

There is no better way to improve your cash flow and attract new clients than by mastering this skill.

And you will not find a better bundle than this for getting started with your campaigns... guaranteed.

Join us, and by class 3, if you honestly feel the skills you learn are not going to help you make more money, let me know and I will refund your money.  I highly doubt you would ask for it though... these skills are the most important ones you can and will ever learn for making more money in your business.  It is also a very powerful way to create a separate stream of income, even a full time career if you want.

See you on the calls.

Click here to reserve your seat now.

To your success,


Troy White

Turning Your Words Into Wealth


 PS:  Where else are you going to get personalized attention and help creating your marketing campaigns, for anywhere near this price? Especially by someone who has made their clients many millions of dollars in the past few years alone. 

...You can buy the books... chances are good you won’t read them in completion, let alone actually do the exercises.  Personally, I have well over 6,000 hours invested in this specialty... and I am willing to share with you the "best-of-the-best" that works for me and my clients.  Do YOU have a spare 6,000 hours?  Didn't think so.  This gets you going in 6 weeks.

...You can go to the seminars... they are 10 TIMES this price, at a minimum (I have been to many of them... upwards of $5,000 - $10,000 per ticket to attend). 

...Or you can invest the $197 right now, and be WELL on your way to writing winning letters in the next 6 weeks.  It should be a simple choice to make... will you start improving your results now... or will you continue to put it off “until later”? Follow your instincts and get signed up if it’s important to you right now.

I will kick your butt and get you writing the way you can... guaranteed.