What would you do if I offered to show you

how to build your business faster, add more paying clients,

and see huge gains to your bottom line profit? 


What if I told you these same techniques

 have generated Millions of Dollars for my clients?


If you value your bank balance, you should jump at the chance!


Announcing Your Massive Action Plan To Marketing Success



Ignoring these simple strategies can

take away your financial freedom!


Dear friend. 


That is a very bold statement I just made… for good reason.  You see, I want to share with you some secrets to grow your business fast.  They are secrets because 97% of businesses HAVE NO CLUE they even exist.


Forbes even gave me a write-up on my “Clever marketing ideas galore and lots ofTroy White - Small Business Copywriter - written up on Forbes contrarian thinking on what works and what doesn't”.


What I want to share with you today is not available in the colleges or universities (I should know – I attended them).  This is not available in local seminars, unless you see one of mine being advertised (when I started teaching these in person, there was not one other person I could find in Canada teaching these techniques).  This is not available in Chapters or Indigo either.


What I want to share with you today, has cost me well over $95,000 to learn.


Although, I personally see it as an investment – not a cost or expense.


That investment has returned many multiples of that number to me personally – and millions and millions of dollars in newfound revenues to my clients.



“…1175 orders in about 48hrs!”

“I must say that the Results that we have seen from Troy's copywriting skills have been amazing.  I did a test run to one of our lists and the numbers were quite impressive,  although it was done during a holiday weekend.  See for yourself! 

We had over 1175 orders in about 48hrs.  The most exciting part is that the orders kept  coming and coming with no further effort from me. 

Troy has assisted us in building our list and making consistent sales.  The investment in his services has been well worth it and  we can see how the profits will continue to come in.  I would Highly recommend Troy's services.   You want to take advantage of his talent and expertise now because I am sure his prices will go up soon.

Dr. Charlie Drake, President of BraveHeart Productions www.ItsEasierDoneThanSaid.net




"Troy White DELIVERS!"

“We had Troy design the promotional material for the launch of my The Power of YOU! book that was released in August.  He understood exactly what it takes to move people to take action in a short period of time.   Through the use of effective story telling, and emotional 'hot buttons', we were able to accomplish some significant numbers.

In the 48 hour promotional blitz, we sold over 5,000 books and managed to capture #1 spot on the Amazon overall best seller list, as well as #1 on 4 other subcategories on the Amazon best seller list.

Not only that, we managed to STAY #1 for a 3 days, which is a major accomplishment on the Amazon list.  Only 2 weeks after the initial launch we've sold more than 11,000 books and it's still selling more every day...

I would recommend Troy highly if you want

significant returns in a very short period of time.”  


Scott Martineau, Co-Founder and CEO, ConsciousOne.com,

#1 Best Selling Author, "The Power of YOU!"

[update: 8 weeks into the campaign and well over 25,000 books have been sold]



With results like that, I feel I do have something to share with you that CAN help you grow your business. 


A warning though: this is for serious minded entrepreneurs only. 


This is not for you if you feel that successful people are “just lucky” or were “overnight sensations”. This is only for you if you honestly understand that starting, building, and profiting from your business comes from creating systems. Consistent marketing and advertising systems that bring in the ideal clients for your business.


Once you have them in place, you can step back and watch them work their magic.


I have compiled what I believe is one of the most powerful resources you’ll ever find.  This gives you true street-smart techniques you can immediately put to use in your business. These are NOT theoretical text book ideas – these are based on actual tests done out in the field. In all kinds of businesses and industries… and YES… they DO work in your industry as well. 


I will show you how.


Turning Your Words Into Wealth is a compilation of my most powerful techniques I use to make my clients millions of dollars.


Thanks Troy.

Your Turning Words Into Wealth package is BRILLIANT!

I read lots of Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham type of marketing training, and I am BLOWN AWAY with everything you have in your Turning Words Into Wealth Package!

 Especially for that price.

 I am going to put everything I have back on the shelf and focus in on just your material,

I can see how this alone is all I need to see massive growth in my business. I look forward to reporting back my results."

Aaron McNaught,

Waking Up To Life


Techniques just like:

  • Secrets of advertising success – from an “underground” comedy that teaches more about advertising than 99.97% of College text books

  • WARNING: Are you missing a killer USP? Here are 5 easy steps to break through the usp block and finally create your own money-crunching marketing tool

  • “The more you run your advertisement, the better exposure you get and more sales will transpire… RIGHT?  Wrong! Here is why the biggest lie you are being told by your advertising sales reps is so prevalent in the industry… and what you need to immediately do to get out of the trap you fell into

  • Creating a "Calgary Stampede" Of New Clients (secrets of the worlds largest and most profitable rodeo that you can bring home to the bank… no matter what business or industry you are in!)

  • 7 Time Tested Tips for Making Your Advertising Work

  • Six minute – six figure profit gains… learn how a very untraditional approach in your industry can reap huge rewards in less than a day or effort.

  • The single-most powerful technique you can use in your copy to compel them to buy

  • How to write advertisements and sales letter that pass the “spouse test”… and why you MUST

  • How to roll out an advertising campaign with $200 or less

  • Small advertisements versus large – is the extra cost worth it?

  • A simple plan for helping the media and having them begging you for a great story

  • 7 Inner circle secrets to making your copy scream “READ ME”

  • The TRUTH about using National Enquirer style headlines versus professional headlines… what works with actual proof and statistics

  • The most valuable business resource in the world - for FREE?

  • The simple MS Excel tool you can use to leap to the top of your field and become the preeminent expert in your field

  • Yellow Page advertising secrets to cut through the clutter and keep your phone ringing with qualified buyers

  • 16 Quick and easy ways to make sure your marketing will work for you… NOT against you (plus simple cost saving tips to run small ads that make huge returns)

  • Size Matters… Why Long Copy Works Better Than Short Copy

  • THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR MARKETING PLAN: the evolution of a successful marketing campaign to ensure you are starting with the right goal in mind (which 99% of business owners have NO CLUE about!) - hint: your competitors are shooting at the wrong target… and are completely missing the mark.

  • How a simple change to the way one option was presented resulted in a 1,000 % improvement in the results… in less than 24 hours

  • Breaking down the 'P' in the E-S-P Formula… and why it is costing you a fortune in lost profits – profits your customers would PREFER you kept

  • Lessons from ski boat rentals – and what it means to creating an unforgettable experience your clients will remember forever

Ready to Turn Your Words Into Wealth? Click here to start


With all this in there – do you think it will work for you?


Do you think these people still question me?


"Troy, thanks for all your great work.  Your copy is energetic and engaging and touches deep into the soul of the exact audience we are targeting.

Your last piece created over $47,857 in revenues for us, within the first 48 hours. 

Thanks again Troy, I look forward to many more successful product launches with your expertise at my side." Joel Christopher, Best Selling Author,




Or what about this client?


Troy wrote an advertisement and a special report for me

 that I had to stop using!


Not because it wasn't working –

but because it was bringing me in too many leads!


In a highly competitive industry like mine, the ad Troy wrote for me pulled in a whack of new business to me.  Thanks Troy... you are my new secret weapon to build my business.  Look forward to working with you further.  Donna-Lee Powers, Calgary




You see, they quickly discovered that I do specialize in a field few people do – MEASURABLE RESULTS from your marketing. Ask your marketing coach if they will guarantee you results, or ask your pr firm or advertising firm.  Chances are, they are petrified to actually have to guarantee you the results you get for your money. 


In my business – I HAVE TO GUARANTEE RESULTS.  That is how I differentiate myself from my competitors. And that is the type of marketing you need to understand – measurable results should be the only kind you look for.


More on what I will share with you:

  • The quick and easy method to get your ego out of the way and re-work your marketing efforts that aren’t working

  • How to Create Immediate Cash Flow In Your Business In 5 Easy Steps!

  • 3 Simple ways to a 120% better return on your marketing

  • Avoiding the so-called experts that claim to be the “do-all-and-end-all” for your local business marketing

  • WARNING: your clients are asking these 3 questions when they read your marketing and advertising – ARE YOU ANSWERING THEM?

  • How to create MASSIVE ACTION in your business without taking your time away from what truly matters

  • 26 Ways You Can Use Sales Letters: improve your cash flow and attract more new clients than you can handle

  • Marketing secrets of a “hot-head” and how you can literally ‘steal’ his idea and capture a 650% return on your money every time you run the marketing campaign!

  • Logo or no logo? How to sneak under your prospects filters and make sure your mailings (email or physical mail) actually get opened.

  • How to profit while you shop… online and offline. Discover where the true gold lays in your industry, and finally give your clients what they want (and are willing to pay big dollars for)

  • WARNING - - why ‘internet marketing’ is the most dangerous thing you could ever start doing on its own… and why so many people have allowed themselves to be dragged into this marketing quicksand that will drag you down to your death

  • Making the most out of weekly special occasions… from holidays – bizarre historical events – right down to celebrity birthdays… simple strategies to make a ton of money in the most unusual ways

  • $5,000 an hour advice… learn what I learned from North America’s highest paid marketing consultant. 7 key lessons that can make your business boom (plus access to 49 other lessons that cost me $8,000 to learn)

 Click here to Turn Your Words Into Wealth


So, how else do you know I am the real deal?


Here’s a testimonial from Ted Nicholas. Chances are, you’ve never heard of him (unless you are in the marketing business).  Ted has sold over $5 BILLION DOLLARS using the techniques he taught me. He has used these techniques to save businesses from bankruptcy. He has helped entrepreneurs double or triple their revenues year after year. And he has create empires from basement startups in less time than you’d probably ever guess (his most recent client went from a $250,000 a year basement business to what is now a $180 million dollar leader in Europe).


I personally trained and mentored with Ted, and even ran his protégé program for a year.  Here is what Ted has to say about my work and advice:


"What I respect the most is he, as with other high performance people, is always improving his skills.

Troy has written successful copy for one of my products and is assisting me in my home-study copywriting program.  While I'm tough on writers, he is
one of the best young copywriters in North America today.  I can recommend his services without hesitation"

Sincerely, Ted Nicholas, The King of Print Advertising, www.TedNicholas.com



More on what I want to share with you in the Turning Your Words Into Wealth home study guide:

  • DON’T FALL FOR THIS TRAP: Many people actually believe in the Money for nothing and success for free scam. Learn how to overcome this disastrous condition and reach the true levels of success that you deserve… the right way.

  • The Hangover Handbook... and a Cure For The Marketing Blues. A rare book that can help you break free from the marketing blues and finally see the results you have been wanting.  Includes hundreds of ideas you can use to create special promotions and cash flow surges.

  • How to Ramp Up Your Marketing Efforts for Maximum Profits in Minimum Time (the 8 step system that never fails)

  • The quick and easy way to fire your troublesome clients… and how to eliminate the fear you have on pulling a ‘Trump’ by saying “YOU’RE FIRED!”

  • Selling to women… is there a difference than selling to men? Learn the truth that can completely change how you write your campaigns… and how you build a large client base in a market few dare to tread.

  • The 5 Line test that can ultimately tell if your headline will succeed or fail (and never forget, your headline can make a 600% difference with a single word change – proof on how and why this happens)

  • Email Marketing vs. Print Marketing – is ONE better than the next?  Discover the truth about this common misperception.

  • Is safe advertising slaughtering your profits?

  • Marketing Coach Madness… and how hiring the wrong coach can do more damage to your business in a year than you will ever be able to make up for. Case studies from those who made this mistake.

  •  THE TRUTH ABOUT HOKEY MARKETING. What your advertising agency and branding gurus don’t know… facts from the field.

  • 5 Easy-To-Implement Tips for Better Lead Generation

  • 7 ways to make your marketing and advertising believable (Part I & Part II). The proof is in the pudding and NO MATTER how good your copy is… if you aren’t building up credibility… your marketing will FLOP.

  • The surprising method to get 300% MORE ORDERS from your order forms (or on your website cart)

  • NO! Your business is NOT different.  Learn why 95% of business owners fall for this ridiculous trap that costs them a small fortune year after year.  Are you making the same mistake?

  • You have competition… lots of it.  But did you know the easiest way to make your advertisements STAND OUT in a crowded yellow page book – or a crowded newspaper or magazine?  The startling facts will surprise you.

  • Child Labor Scandal in Direct Marketing Uncovered – what does this mean to your child’s future?

  • Inside/outside the box? Who needs a box? Find out if you are falling into this trap and trying to impress the wrong people in your marketing.

  • How to sell to online 'lookers' -- who buy offline

  • The scary truth on why people are petrified to follow the fast-track plan to getting truly exceptional results in their marketing (this may offend you – I am hoping it wakes you up to the awesome potential at your fingertips)

  • How and why you MUST start thinking like a tabloid writer (did you know that the National Enquirer sells more in a week than THE TOP 3 business publications… COMBINED?) Find out why – and what you can immediately do to up your sales with this little known technique.

Yes, this is real… and I am willing to make you an offer that should be taken very seriously.


Here’s the deal: Test out my Turning Your Words Into Wealth home study material.  Put it into action in your business as soon as you can. See for yourself the difference that simple changes to your marketing can make.


Experience the rush when you receive massive surges of cash during a new promotion I show you how to put together.


Only then do you need to make a decision. I will give you a FULL 12 MONTHS to test it out before you need to make your final decision. If, at that time, you feel that the techniques you learned and tested did not deliver on their promises – return the home study material to me for a full and complete hassle-free refund.



How much is your financial future worth to you?


You must know one thing first, I am not for hire for my writing. I am completely booked until well into 2007 and I charge $6,000 minimum to write you a sales campaign (if you question how I can get that amount – read those testimonials again. They understand the power behind this type of marketing and the Massive Return On Investment you get).


This guide, though, you can have for only $49.95… plus I will include 2 killer bonuses worth well in excess of what I am asking (one of which cost me personally $9,000 to compile - notes from 3 of the best seminars I ever attending on marketing from Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham. 


You will also receive my notes from my Newsletter Profits Course and a sample of advertisements and marketing pieces that made my clients a fortune.  These can be used (with modifications of course) in your own business to see exceptional returns right away. And once you get the returns, you can alleviate any concerns you may have about if this delivers… right?


Try it out risk-free for 365 days… then make your final decision.  I can’t be much more fair than that. Right? Fill out the form on the next page and your guide will be rushed out to you right away (shipping is included).


To your success,


Troy White



PS: How often in your life will a bona fide millionaire-maker… one who actually walks the talk… offer to coach you to success and share the intimate details of how they got where they are?  What other solid action plan do you have to fall back on to get you from where you are today, to where you TRULY want to be? Opportunities like this one can dramatically increase your income, give you more time off… and give you the lifestyle that you have previously only dreamed of !!


It’s your choice… continue on as if nothing needs changing in your life, or make that one decision that changes it all.